With increasing legislation and knowledge of the dangers to our environment, land use has become a 'spotlight' topic. Contour Golf offers an understanding and an appreciation of ecological issues that is vital to the success of both the project and existing countryside. A pro-active stance can result in a better golf course and demonstrably improved image through commitment to a 'green' golf course - in both senses of the word.

We take the environmental and ecological issues very seriously indeed - for example the ongoing research and development of the Audubon International group are constantly monitored by our staff in order to see what is 'best practice' in terms of golf co-exisiting with the environment.

It makes perfect sense - for Contour Golf to flourish the game of golf must prosper. For the game of golf to prosper the golf course must be beyond reproach. Ecological impact is therefore a vital aspect of Contour Golf's continued success story.