Potential of renovation from Contour Golf Ltd
GME Summer 2003

There are many ways that a golf course can be improved and these are roughly divided between two categories - expensive and not quite so expensive. Naturally nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily but the time comes for any managed landscape to accept the inevitable effects of time passing and increased use. For most golf clubs the most apparent areas of wear and tear are to be found on the tees and in the bunkering although what is going on under the surface might also be worthy of close attention from a specialist.
Aye, there's the rub, 'A Specialist'. Suddenly the desire to improve one's golf course begins to sound expensive when a 'Specialist' is involved, but this needn't be the case. "It can all seem a bit daunting to the manager or secretary when an exploratory enquiry is made." Said Ingrid Eichler of golf course construction 'Specialists' Contour Golf Ltd. "In truth our job is to take away all such anxieties and make all possible options clear from the outset. For example a club might come to us and say they need all their greens rebuilding but, upon further analysis, it might be that improved drainage and greens surround sculpting would improve the putting surface more than a complete rebuild would."
And Eichler knows what she is talking about as the management at Irish Open venue Fota Island can testify - Contour were responsible for the complete rebuild of the County Cork layout and the results drew much praise from players and management alike. "The fairways are better than most greens we play on.' Said Ian Woosnam in 2002.
Honesty is a rare enough commodity in the 21st Century and perhaps this is why Eichler and her staff value it so highly, Contracts Manager Phil Reeve confirms this belief; "If we take a look at a golf course and see that a thorough architectural appraisal is needed then we will say so. It won't do us any good to 'wing-it' and it certainly won't do the club any good either." A straightforward assessment of needs and potential is central to the Contour Golf ethos; be it half a dozen bunkers or tees, excavation of a lake, construction of cart paths, renovation of drainage and irrigation or a full-blown course rebuild, you will get two guarantees from Contour - an honest assessment and the highest quality work.
The work might be expensive or not quite so expensive - it will definitely be proven as good value for money.